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Cocktail Masterclass - Custom Cocktail Box

Cocktail Masterclass - Custom Cocktail Box


Tipple & Taste's very own private cocktail masterclasses. Let our bartenders show you how to make your favorite tipple.

We will send you a box full of everything you will need for your masterclass, including equipment and ingtedients needed to make all your custom cocktails.

Shake along with freinds and family too! Simply add another 'screen' and enjoy this unique experience with everyone.


The quantity is per screen not per person. So one screen can have as many people as you like behind it!

  • We will send you a bespoke cocktail box once your order has been approved.

    The box with inlcude:

    Boston cocktail shaker and glass


    Jigger measure

    Cocktail spoon


    Plus the igredinets needed for your custom recpies


    Important Info

    Customers are asked to provide the ice for the masterclass

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