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The Produce

At Tipple & Taste, we strive for quality, using some of the best, ethically and locally sourced ingredients we can.

Our Veg

About 40% of our veg and herbs we use are grown down the road at an allotment. Our Gardener, Charles Dowson, has some of the freshest and best produce in the area, and because of this, it is very much seasonal and is able to change on a regular basis.

Smoked Duck, Roast Parsnip & White Chocolate, Blackberries, Port Jus

The Butcher

All of our meat is from HG Walters, located at Barrons Court Station, it was voted one of the best butchers in London and has had numerous awards for its quality and services provided to its customers.

The Drinks Too

​Our house spirits from The Sustainable Spirits Co are not only high quality, but also environmentally friendly, which is a must have for us. So you can rest assured that when you are enjoying our delicious cocktails, you are also helping the environment, Win Win!

Book you tickets and find out for yourself! We know you will find something on our menus you love.


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