We are Tipple & Taste, a pop up bar based in Fulham, London, created by chef George Dyer, who dreamed of owning his own bar that not only delivered top notch cocktails, but also paired them with banging food!


Our expert bartenders will tailor your cocktail choice based around the food that you order.

The majority of our food and drinks use quality, sustainably sourced British ingredients. We aim to support local farms and allotments and we strive for quality. We hope to appeal to everyone, and we know you will find something on our menus that you love.


With the new Covid-19 restrictions, our events will have to be slightly different this year. 

We will be offering Online Masterclasses for both food and cocktails, as well as Private Hire, once the government allows it. 

We can tailor your menu and create a bespoke experience just for you, with plenty of cocktail and sharing plate options to choose from.


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''The food was so tasty and interesting. Plus epic cocktails to match.  Smashed it!''

''Fantastic experience - food and cocktails were great, as was the service.
Will definitely be coming back!''

''Great food in a lovely, relaxed environment. Cocktails were fantastic too!''

My love for cooking comes from my mother, who is part Italian. She would always make fresh meals from scratch using quality ingredients that she found from local shops and markets.


I remember going into the most amazing fishmongers in my village, huge piles of ice displaying all these wonderful fish. The colours and smells are what stood out for me the most, that and the hustle and bustle of people trying to get the best price. 

I loved asking about the items that were available and how it was different every time we entered the shop, learning about seasonality and UK produce. I found it so fascinating and is the main reason why I have implemented it into Tipple & Taste.


I am very much focusing on the produce and knowing where our food comes from. I wanted to really push ‘locally sourced’ and ‘grown in the UK’, because we have some wonderful produce that some people don’t even know we are able to grow here. 

My fondest and earliest memories of cooking at home comes from when I was aged around eight helping my mother in the kitchen at Christmas. She would gather me, my brother and sister round and give us careful instructions. Mine was to mix together ingredients for the mincemeat, I loved sticking my hands in the gooey mixture combining it to make the filling for her perfectly spiced mince pies.

My mother would reel off ingredients and recipes off the top of her head, as well as coordinating us, and making sure each dish was in the oven at the right time, ready for the big feast. Each year I was given more responsibilities, more challenges, and was allowed to add a little twist to my mother’s treasured recipes.








It’s where my passion for creating my own food pairings began, developed and were perfected.


As I got older, my passion for food grew. I would spend summers in France where my father would take me to sample endless fresh locally sourced ingredients. From the huge, deliciously sweet and juicy beef tomatoes, to the freshly caught fish and seafood. This is where my experimenting with flavors began.

Whenever we went to a restaurant, or to the local markets, I would try as many different and interesting foods as I could. The French markets made a great starting ground for my adventurous nature when it comes to unusual delicacies and flavors. Different cheeses, breads and olives; fruits and cured meats; bon bons and chocolate; these markets had everything, and I would spend hours trying it all.

Inspired I then went on to work in a variety of different kitchens throughout the southern half of the country to hone my skills, including The Pig Hotel in the New Forest and Michelin starred 'Le Manoir' in Oxfordshire, under the watchful eyes of Raymond Blanc. 

It was an honor and a privilege to work for such a fantastic chef, they were such a great team up there, and I learnt so much in such a short space of time.

I then moved to London to complete an intensive course at Leiths Cookery School, which then led to experience in other great places like Chiltern Firehouse, Amuse Bouche and The Tommy Tucker. 


I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside award-winning chef Claude Compton for the last four years as his sous chef. Working with Claude really opened my eyes to loads of new flavors and techniques' and he has been amazingly helpful' and encouraging with Tipple & Taste.

For me, the core foundation of Tipple & Taste is coming together at the table like my family, with no television or other distractions, just good company and banging food.


I’m sure you will enjoy what Tipple & Taste has to offer: high quality plates of seasonal and locally sourced produce paired with our bespoke cocktails.

George is a budding young chef that has a passion for both food and drink. He wanted to create a place where people could enjoy both top notch cocktails as well as some banging food!


Here he talks more about his love of food, when he first got a taste for cooking and why his family is his biggest inspiration...


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